Century Green is a consortium of agribusiness entrepreneurs, corporations, and major financiers, organized for the purpose of investing in food value addition and sufficiency by managing, developing, and transforming farmlands into world class, ecofriendly assets and using best-in-class technologies, modern machinery, tools, and technical know-how to add value.

We collaborate with local smallholder farmers and next-generation corporations to scale outputs to consistent quality and quantity. When feasible, we develop surrounding community lands into farm cities to improve living conditions for stakeholders and drive sustainable economic development -- first of its kind wherever we work..

Mission & Vision

Building a sustainable enviroment for food productions, research, and growth towards a better future

To become a veritable partner of African communities, agribusinesses and cooperatives, farmland owners, in our effort to consolidate Africa’s position as one of the main producers and exporters of quality food.

To develop leaders and entrepreneurs in sustainable agriculture, value-addition and agribusiness as modern day pioneers of farming.

To expertly manage agricultural ventures to produce food crops along with their derivatives, functional foods, fish and high-quality meat, with keen efficiency, in order to contribute effectively to societal development and nation building.

Goal & Main Obejctives

To acquire and sustainably utilize farmlands in select locations in Africa and the Caribbean to establish Outgrower Farmer and Agribusiness operations.

Process functional foods, provide quality fish and meat protein in a controlled environment (aquaculture / aquaponics) and in open fields to satisfy the demand and quality for local agro-processors and exporters.

Provide good source of income, generate employment and agri-business for people in the community.

To incorporate a processing complex to absorb some of the products in producing finished food products for both local, regional and overseas markets.

Co-invest with select local partners and scale operations for good ROI

Research and Reinvestment

The byproduct of the research would be increased amounts of food which could be sold for profit or be reinvested for the expansion of the initiatives. A percentage of the profits would be donated to local charities on a consistent basis.